by disassociate me

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just okay


released August 9, 2014

winter was a sharp pain. summer was a numb flash.

i'd like to thank -
Matias Brimmer (casey jones) for letting me use all his shit to get the sounds that i really wanted.
Harrison Crane (timmy jacks off) for calling/texting me at the hours between noon and 6 in the morning laughing at my excuses
Simon Sprauge (stickhausen castle) for just being there.



all rights reserved


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independent cassette record label. Lansing, MI contact us on facebook or via email for more info.

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Track Name: windchill
the smiles won't last
they'll go on their merry way
they'll pack up the car
but i enjoyed their stay

we complained while they were there
and they gave us warmth
and verified our lives
as we waded through our filth

on this thanksgiving prayer
we are struggling to breathe
this opium christmas
is all that i can see

the joy has vacated
we'll take the heat
the windchill is here
and this pain starts sweet
Track Name: call me when summer ends
call me when summer ends
call me when summer ends
call me when summer ends
cause i'll be waiting here with my only friends

the kids have said that i don't belong
and i'm not worthy of their shitty songs
but one day, i'll kill their love
and hang it from the rafters above

call me when summer ends
call me when summer ends
call me when summer ends
i'll be waitin here on the other end

come on will you here my pleas
i'll probably die if you have to leave
i'm sure you must think i've grown
but i haven't learned a thing from being alone

(random vocalization)

call me when summer ends
cause i'll be waiting here with my only friends
i haven't got anything to attend to
i'll be here
i'll be here
waitin' on the other end.
Track Name: the song i'll hate later (like a wound)
she gave me a smile across the river across the sea
so i guess this sentiment must be buried too deep
it fills the hole in my heart up to the brim
and it'll arrogantly say hello and goodbye again
it shakes and rattles the blood inside your bones
sacred and possessed destruction of your soul
but it'll all fall back in place and we'll say it's all the same
and we'll put band-aids on our skin to cover up the shame

vocal bullshit

he spoke out saying you got my call
cause the fifth don't want you anymore

more vocal bullshit.

i want to speak and yell and fuck
but this has been much too much
even if i started the race
the first steps would just break my legs
and they did
oh they did

masochist (sadist)
i wanted this
i can only guess

like a wound.
like it should.
Track Name: city blend
i've been waiting hours just for the light to break on through
so i could pass out on the ground for a year or two
i'll meet you on the parking ramp so you can say what you need to say
but i hope you realize that it'll all just fade away.

we're the best around
we're the best you've got
and we'll still be here
even when you've moved on
they call us city blend

i'm starting to feel like death cause i've been away for a week
my eyes are red my throat is numb and i can barely speak
fixated on the tv screen my brain is about to crack
once you've been down this road you won't be turning back

(insert chorus)

i just want a big house some wine and some cigarettes
but i guess this overpass is as good as it's gonna get
cause who wants everything, when nothing is right here?
all the pain and all the joy fades to nothing left to fear

(insert the best version of the chorus)
Track Name: don't waste your time
it's just a habit
a bad addiction
that leaves good feelings
but no emotion

the feeling that i've been here before
but nothing feels the same
when i get back

the whitewashed walls are turning black
the hallway leads to heart attack
i don't care
but i'll try

comfort of a kid in a grateful home
comfort for a kid growing up alone
comfort of being yourself
around the ones you love

i silent pain with a lovely rain
that leaves you broken you broken but new again
keep telling yourself
that you'll be okay

it's been a long and boring time (it's been a long time)
to lose the shell of my shallow mind (to lose my mind)
to the shotgun shell of my lonely past (to my vacant past)
nothing was ever meant to last

you said goodbye
don't ask why
don't even try
don't waste your time